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Deadline sheet

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What is it?

This sheet is used to give our client the best possible overview regarding all deadlines. We do this to:

1. Give our clients an idea of what will happen in the upcoming period
2. Be as proactive as possible towards the client
3. Force ourselves to keep track on deadlines with suppliers

4. Give ourselves space to breath by limiting last minute changes

How do I fill it in?

You can fill in the sheet by taking the following things in mind:

1. Make sure the deadlines are placed in logical order (ideally start with venue, then food, then branding if this makes most sense for the project)

2. Make sure the client knows well in advance that deadlines need to be met (you can't send out a sheet that shows major deadlines two days after)
3. Let the client confirm that the deadlines are noted and ok
4. Leave some slack in case a client misses the deadline and we are in the position to still help them out

When do I send it out?

Ideally as early as possible, after confirmation of major elements such as the event itself and the venue. 

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