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Our mission

Eventic is an event agency that specializes in corporate events. We organize unique events for corporate clients across the world. Our mission is to transform the corporate event landscape into a more creative, professional and top notch environment.

Provide top notch service

We want to be the best in the game and deliver top notch service for every event we do. By proactively thinking ahead of our clients needs, providing out of the box solutions and minimizing the stress of our clients we believe we set ourselves apart from competition. 

  Think ahead of the needs of your client and actively search for solutions. Always give and offer a little bit more than the client expects
Nay:   Wait until the client asks you to do things. Lose the professional attitude by becoming emotional.

Translate client's DNA to an event

Every organization we work for is different. By researching what our client stands for and creatively translating that into venues, food concepts, activations and so on, we make sure we reach our client's event goals while still providing the event with the creative 'Eventic stamp'.

  Conceptualize the DNA of the client
Nay:   Create random/boring concepts that are not related to the client's DNA or nature of the event

Frontrunner in creativity

We want to provide the most creative solutions. Always look for unique venues (no boring hotel event space but rather something that fits the concept of the event), unique ways of reaching the event's strategic goals and unique ways of for instance catering. 

Yay   Selecting unique venues, concepts, catering ideas, provide cool solutions.
Nay:   Selecting boring venues, concepts, catering ideas, providing outdated solutions.

Provide international guidance

In most cases our client travels to a foreign country for their event. It is our job to make them feel at home. By always learning a few words in the client's language, offering a project manager speaking the local language and by researching the client's culture, we believe we can increase the trust from our client and therefore increase our level of service and the chance of securing a project.

Yay   Research the client's culture, learn some words in the local language
Nay:   Make assumptions on things like appropriate entertainment, portion size, venues                    related to religion

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